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How Sloane Reali Can Help You! Episode 2

Hello Again, I'm Sloane from Vocal Coaching by Sloane. I teach you how to breathe and feel that your voice matters. Whether negotiating a deal, asking for help, or performing on stage, I help build confident presenters.

My speciality is working with beginning and intermediate singers. However, I don’t just work with people to learn how to sing. A lot of the time, more recently, I’m helping more professionals put together information that they need to present in their work place, teachers, doctors, authors going on book tours and more.

I’m really in the confidence building business. What I’m able to do is show you what you already have in place with your voice, which is more than you realize. It’s always exciting to meet with a new student and show them what they already have in place. You will leave your first session having a much better understanding of your voice as an instrument, as it relates to your entire body, that you do have an ear, that you can carry a tune, and that you can learn to sing really, really well and have a terrific time doing so.

Go to my website today! Schedule your initial session. Let me show you that you DO have a voice and that it DOES matter.

"I've noticed such a difference in my voice since working with Sloane. I'm so appreciative of her enthusiasm and professionalism. I look forward to continue building strength, flexibility and endurance with my voice. Thank you Sloane for everything!" - 2015 Multi Grammy-Nominated Engineer on Katy Perry's Album "Prism"
Elliott Lanam, Owner/CEO


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