Women's Community Business Network

Women's Community Business Network

Founded by Sandy Goe with the support of her husband, Gino Goe, in Santa Barbara, California. Launched on March 7th, 2011


Serves to empower business women for their success professionally and personally by providing tools, resources, and opportunities to Connect, Learn, and Network:

Keys to improve the Visibility and Profitability of her business.
WCBN also serves to grow Leaders, through leadership opportunities, network with other like-minded women, facilitating the development of leadership qualities and skills, and provides the encouragement and support that leaders need to lead effectively.


The Women of WCBN:

These women are bold. They have focused, have goals, visions, and are seeking the tools and resources to grow and seize opportunities to further their business or cause.

No excuses! These women don't make excuses on why they "can't", but go forward and pursue HOW they CAN! and enjoy supporting others and giving back to the Community whenever possible.

Our Mission:

Honor God. Serve Others.

Why are we The Business Network of Heart and Soul?

Founded on sound biblical principles displayed with Integrity, Creativity, and Excellence. We are a Network "Family", based on mutual respect and trust, seeking ways to build up and promote one another. Each network member is valued for her unique gifts and talents and encouraged to develop and share.

"Together, we have Exponential Potential"
Please Join us!

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