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Vocal Tone & Pitch

Vocal Tone & Pitch

Vocal Tone & Pitch

Vocal Tone & Pitch, Episode 8

Today I want to talk to you about pitch. Singing on Key. Pitch is the one thing that I think gives people the most trouble and challenges. This is where a lot of people have been misguided or told that they’re never going to be able to hold a tune. I want to tell you that you can and I can show you how. Pitch is one of two things. Pitch is either a matter of applying energy to get up to a note or relaxation to get down to it. Let’s say you want to hit a C note, but you over shoot and sound higher. The remedy is to relax and to come down to that note. If the note is below and you’re trying to fix it, the remedy to get higher is to apply more energy.

My point is that pitch is something that is trainable. Pitch is an act of exercising the muscles in your ears. There is no such thing as someone being “tone deaf” and I will show you in your very first session.

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