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Vocal Placement & Projection

Vocal Placement & Projection

Vocal Placement & Projection, Episode 7

Thanks for checking in. I’m Sloane with Vocal Coaching by Sloane and if you’ve been following me, we’ve been learning, I’ve been showing, teaching, and sharing a little bit about the method that I use. We’ve already covered breathing, you’ve learned that breathing for singing or speaking, anything you use your voice for is going to be from your diaphragm. We’ve talked about body pulsing, that mechanism or natural propulsion system in your body that reminds your physical and mental body where you’re drawing your air and energy from.

Today, I want to talk about placement or projection!
Placement has to do with your jaw, lips, and shape of your vowels. The difference between being open and forwardly placed or projection is the difference between being right on your throat, our out in front of the throat. So instead of “aaaaaah” we want to drop your jaw, move your jaw slightly forward, bring your lips out in front like a horn (Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Billy Idol) and place or project the sound forward (“awwwwwee”).

If you want to know more about open, forward placement or projection, or how to save your voice and avoid overuse or straining, please contact me today on the website below for your personalized session.