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4 Point Method: The Pant Breath

4 Point Method: The Pant Breath

Six Point Vocal WAV Method (tm): The Pant Breath, Episode 5

Hi again, I’m Sloane with Vocal Coaching by Sloane. Thanks so much for tuning in today. Today I’m going to talk about probably one of the most important fundamentals of singing and that is your breath. Breathing, breath control, having enough breath, what to do when you’re running out of breath.

The first two parts are called “Pant-Breath” and “Body-Pulsing.” Both of them are connected to what we call your diaphragm. This is that place between your ribcage and your belly button, a balloon area. The first part of the technique I deal with is the “Pant-Breath.” What this is, is breathing for singing. Its always going to be something that’s happening down here. What you’re not doing with breathing for singing is breathing up into your

shoulders, creating tension up in your shoulders and your neck. You’re going to keep your shoulders completely relaxed, you’re going to draw the breath, if you had little arrows coming through your mouth, down past your lungs, into your diaphragm, filling your diaphragm up like a balloon, and then exhaling out. If we were to speed that up, it would look and sound like this:


Contracting and relaxing your diaphragmatic muscles. For more information on how to breath, you can contact me on the website on your screen or call me today to schedule your initial session and to learn all about breathing for your voice. Thanks for tuning in, I’ll see you next time.