One Voice, Three Vocal Vacinities
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One Voice, Three Vocal Vacinities

One Voice, Three Vocal Vacinities

One Voice, Three Vocal Vicinites. Episode 4

Hi Again, I’m Sloane with Vocal Coaching by Sloane. Thanks so much for tuning in today. Today, I am going to start to give you your complimentary sessions online. And in the future weeks following, for those of you who are regular subscribers on my channel, each time you tune in, I’m going to give you a little tip, a diamond. I’m going to give you the gist of what it is I do with the voice.

Today, I want to teach you that you have one voice, with what I refer to as Three Vocal Vicinities. If you’ve ever been in a choir, you go in, the choir director might ask you, “What part are you?”

For example a Soprano?? A lot of women are sopranos. Men might be bass or tenors. With this training, your response to a choir situation would be, “Where do you need me?” With this training, I teach you how to use your entire vocal range, all three vocal vicinities.

Here is your lesson today: I want you to put your hand on your belly, and I want you to try and find this note with me. You’re going to take a breath and relax and find what I call your “low voice.”


You should feel a vibration happening in the back of your throat but we’re really dropping into your belly. Your mid-voice, take your hand and put it on your chest. This would be your speaking voice, or your yelling voice.


Try that with me! Your third voice, your third vocal vicinity is going to be what we call your “head voice” or your “falsetto.” This is where those soprano voices are. It’s going to sound like a siren.


Try that with me one more time. *weeeeeeeeoh* 

One of the fun exercises I do is call the “Full Range Vocal Swoop” and it sounds like this, starting with your breath:


Just like that. For more information on your three vocal vicinities, contact me today at my website. Feel free to call me on my direct line at 805-250-6609 to schedule your initial session to create your own personalized vocal workout. Thanks again for tuning in. I look very forward to seeing you again next time.