Star Quality: Tips & Tricks For Finding Your Voice
Star Quality: Tips & Tricks For Overcoming Fear
Star Quality: Star Quality Quiz
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Star Quality: Star Quality Quiz

Star Quality: Star Quality Quiz

Hello again and welcome back. I’ve been sharing from Christen Brown’s book “Star Quality” Seven Steps to Develop Your Charismatic Power.

Christen has been a coach to celebrities in the entertainment industry, athletes, executives and more. She’s helped these people prepare to be in front of cameras and the media for presentations and speeches.

A couple things I want to bring to your attention today On Page 22 of Christen Brown’s book, she has a “Star Quality Quiz.” This is a great way to discover your baseline. Again, not that you need to have star quality to be able to sing, but it is another aspect of who you are.

The voice is such a vulnerable thing for most people. Whether you just want to develop confidence with singing or you want to take it to the next level. Maybe you want to perform? Maybe you want to get out there in public? There are so many tools and resources available to you starting with this informative quiz Christen provides in her book.

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