Star Quality: Tips & Tricks For Finding Your Voice
Star Quality: Tips & Tricks For Overcoming Fear
Star Quality: Star Quality Quiz
Star Quality: Accepting Imperfections
Star Quality: Reading Body Language
Star Quality: 5 Keys To A Power Voice
Star Quality: On Enjoying Life

Star Quality: On Enjoying Life

Star Quality: On Enjoying Life

Today I’m going to be sharing the last segment in a series from
my friend Christen Brown’s book, “Star Quality” Seven Steps to
Develop Your Charismatic Power.

Christen has done an excellent job setting you up with great exercises and quizzes to find out where you land with your “Star Quality”. In addition, there are exercises for addressing, accepting and releasing things that may be preventing you from accessing your own charismatic power.

Today I want to focus on how our thoughts really are things. What we focus our attention on, we're going to create more of whether good or bad, light and loving or angry and unkind…we will create more.

I want to share from her book here - “when we take responsibility for our lives, and what happens to us, we don’t like something, we have the capacity to change it. We don’t have to be victims.

Christen continues that by “acknowledging thoughts of negativity or if we are a failure or unworthy is going to create more “limiting beliefs” and doesn’t help us. Letting go of these thoughts patterns and beliefs and replacing them with empowering thoughts is ESSENTIAL to developing “Star Quality”. It really comes down to “Are you enjoying your life?”

As a vocal coach I help people find their voice and give you tools and exercises for creating strength and flexibility whether in your physical body around your voice or your mental awareness and beliefs about your voice or lack of.

I help you find those places and then show you how to unblock energy in different ways creating personalized vocal workouts for your voice. Before you know it things really begin to shift and hopefully you’re having a terrific time and experiencing your voice in ways you never imagined.

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