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Star Quality: 5 Keys To A Power Voice

Star Quality: 5 Keys To A Power Voice

Thanks for tuning in. I’ve been sharing from Christen Brown’s
book because there are so many parallels with what I do with the
voice and information she shares in her book.

Today I want to share about “5 keys to a power voice”! She refers to projection (placement), tone and inflection. She talks about our rate of
speech which she suggests should be (180 words a minute). If we talk too fast or slow what we say goes past our audience. She talks about articulation and pronouncing our words clearly. This is especially important depending on who your audience is.

If you are a Doctor presenting your Phd and information to other academics, it’s going to be very important that you are clear and concise in how you present your information. On the other hand, if you’re a high school student presenting a new music video you will have more flexibility with your creativity.

Thanks again for tuning in. For more information about your voice or to schedule an initial session to discover your voice contact me today!