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Star Quality: Accepting Imperfections

Star Quality: Accepting Imperfections

I’ve been sharing from Christen Brown’s book the last couple segments. She’s coached, stars, executives, even housewives who are raising children.

I REALLY appreciate this book because she addresses the entire person; our mental thoughts about ourselves, our spiritual selves, us as a whole person, much the same way that I’ve addressed the voice and the energy centers of the body and how to open up those blocks in our energy fields. 

I’ve shared some of the quizzes she has available in her book as well as numerous exercises both simple and practical that you can use right away for moving and unblocking energy yourself. 

I really like how she writes about making mistakes and accepting our imperfections. Its really easy to be hard on ourselves, especially around our voice. If you are a performer or have to present to large groups of people, there is “perfection in imperfection”. In other words, its about accepting imperfections and being kind to ourselves, being able to move on, and work with what we’ve got.

If you want to know more about how to do that, with your voice personally or professionally please contact me! 

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