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The 7 Chakras: Root Chakra Exercises

The 7 Chakras: Root Chakra Exercises

The 7 Chakras: Root Chakra Exercises, Episode 14

I’m Sloane Reali with Vocal Coaching by Sloane. For those of you returning, thank you so much for coming back. I have some new fun and helpful stuff for you to use right away. If you’re tuning in for the first time, I am a Vocal Coach and I work with all levels of singers, all styles, all genres. It’s not always about singing. Sometimes it’s about building confidence or to do a presentation. I work with all kinds of clients, authors, business owners, managers, teachers, homemakers, students and of course people who want to learn how to sing.

So far to date, we have covered the fact that we have one voice with three Vocal Vicinities. Your low, your mid and your high voice. I’ve shared with you an effective method or technique with four tools I refer to in your “toolbox” for your voice. We’ve talked about breathing and your natural vibrato - the human body’s natural propulsion system for drawing air and energy up through your body and moving through your vocal cords to vibrate and make sound. We’ve talked about Open Forward Placement and the sound the tonal quality and shape of your vowels. We’ve talked about pitch. Just a reminder for those of your returning or if you’re joining us for the very first time - there is no such thing as someone being tone deaf. Pitch is just a matter of training your ear and your body and connecting those two worlds together.

My gift to you today is to share with you about your first chakra or energy center that is your root area. This is that a place down in the lower area connecting you in utero when we are being formed in our mother’s belly. This is related to primordial life energy and trust, our relationship to the earth and to the material world. Stability, safety and our power to achieve.

There are actually vowels, certain keys on a keyboard, shapes and notes of vowels that correspond to opening up and moving energy in each of these areas. In the root chakra the vowel is “ooo” and the key is C. So if you were to go to a piano or guitar and strum or play the key of C, you would coordinate the sound “ooo” that would help move energy and unblock anything going on in that area. We take a breath in our belly then we will hold and sustain that “ooo” sound. You’ll start to feel vibrations in your throat and your mouth as you’re moving the energy in your root or first chakra. If you’d like to learn more please contact me at the website at your screen or call me today to schedule an initial session.

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