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5 Vocal Elements: Earth

5 Vocal Elements: Earth

Five Vocal Elements: EARTH, Episode 9

I want to share the book that I am sharing information from. Barbara McAfee is a singer/song-writer, vocal coach, speaker, and consultant with over 12 years experience in organizational change. We haven’t personally met yet. We’ve exchanged some emails, are friends on LinkedIn, and I really love what she has to say about the elements in the voice. Her book, “Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence” is what I’m going to be sharing on in the next five segments.

Today I want to share with you on the “Earth” Voice. Barbara refers to this voice as a “gut instinct, an authority and grounding.” She gives some terrific examples here of earth voice: a St. Bernard barking, a mother bear growling at an intruder to get away from her cub, an inebriated, barrel chested man singing as he carouses down a wintery street at 3am, Johnny Cash starting off “Ring of Fire” to a roaring crowd or Arnold Schwarzenegger saying “Ill be Back” in the Terminator. The earth voice is that guttural place. It’s that root chakra. That primal place in your body.

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