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  • Jun 18 Sat

    Vocal Workshop by Vocal Coaching by Sloane

    <p>Vocal Workshop - Vocal Coaching by Sloane will provide you with everything you need to uncover, discover and tap into the voice you were born to use, once and for all.</p>

May 2016

February 2016

  • Feb 03 Wed

    Santa Barbara Vocal Performance Class

    <p>groups of 8-12 students learn to work with professional musicians, microphones and an audience while developing their own sense of style and musical presentation. </p>

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  • Apr 25 Sat

    Let Your Voice Out

    <p>Sloane Reali, vocal coach to business professionals, public speakers, and aspiring entertainers, will share her journey and tips for getting the most from your head, heart, and body when express...

February 2015