Vocal Coaching

Breathe, Project, Perform.

In a few short sessions, you'll master the physical techniques for owning and projecting your unique voice with clarity and confidence.

"Instant access to breathing techniques that will improve your vocal performance."

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Vocal Coaching By Sloane


Learn to love your own unique voice and gain the confidence to be a better performer. It doesn’t matter if you only want to sing in the shower or to a stadium full of people, you can unlock the full potential of your voice. Tap into your inner star and create joy today!

Vocal Coaching By Sloane


Whether negotiating a deal, asking for a raise or delivering a presentation, how you sound to others makes a difference in what they hear. Learn how to cultivate your voice, overcome the fear of public speaking and effectively communicate your ideas. Increase your confidence and create change today!

Vocal Coaching By Sloane


Learn simple vocal techniques that positively impact your health emotionally and spiritually. When you focus your voice inward, you can use its power for personal healing and transformation. Feel alive, vibrant and energized! Start your vocal wellness journey and create harmony today!

What Clients are Saying

"How can I possibly thank you enough for the AMAZING help that you gave Emily. She knocked it out of the park on Saturday. Her delivery was spot on and anyone I see that was there is so complimentary. Her content was great and would have been regardless but you really helped her with her voice and her delivery and her confidence! THANK YOU!!! Watching her give that speech was my most proud moment as her Mom to date!"
xo, Christy